Noodle's Notes

50 years of voyaging in Hawaii and the Pacific

Bill "Noodle" Leary has spent the last fifty years cruising and racing in Hawaii and across the Pacific. This page provides links to resources Noodle has prepared or gathered that may be of interest to other sailors

Wherever there's a safe, beautiful anchorage on the seven main Hawaiian Islands, you can be sure Noodle's been there. He's done extensive research and taken meticulous notes that he's compiled into this free online cruising guide to Hawaii, in the hopes that more sailors can enjoy the spectacular spots he's come to know and love.

Hawaiian Island Cruising Guide

Tony Hoff produced this excellent video about Moku pe'a's 2014 passage from Bora Bora back to Hawaii

Noodle loves to swap sea stories with his shipmates over a cold one, and has written down a few of his saltier tales so he doesn't forget them in his old age. Check them out here. Some of the earlier stories provide background for those that follow, so they are best read in the order listed.

Noodle's sea stories

In five voyages to the Society Islands over a forty one year period, Noodle has developed a list of tips on how to get the most out of your cruising experience there. He has compiled those tips into this free online guide.

Society Islands Cruising Guide

Noodle's father, Bob Leary, sailed around the world between 1939 and 1940 as the first mate aboard Irving Johnson's 94-foot schooner "Yankee". An hour-long color movie documenting the voyage was created, one of the first color movies ever made. Watch the movie narrated by Bob Leary.

Yankee Sails Around the World, 1939-40

Noodle continues to cruise around the world and is a devoted blogger on these trips. You can follow along on his ongoing adventures and subscribe to get blog updates directly to your inbox.


If you enjoyed any of these resources, or found something outdated, send a note to Noodle.